Lemon Detox Diet for Weight Loss

The Lemon Detox Diet involves having meals replaced with at least 6-9 glasses of liquid each day for ten days. The drink comprises of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper or ginger, as well as some hot or cold filtered water. Read on to find out more about how this detox diet can help you lose weight.

How it Works

The Lemon Detox Diet has been promoted as not only allowing for the detoxification of the body, but also as being able to enable the dieter to shed some excess weight in the process of cleansing their body. While going through this detox diet, you are not allowed to eat any solid foods. This is because the aim of this diet is to cleanse your system and give your metabolism a boost. It is important to always rinse out your mouth and thoroughly clean your teeth after drinking the lemon juice. This is so as to prevent the acidic lemon juice from eating away at your tooth enamel.


Lemons for lemonade by Chiot’s Run

Seek Medical Advice Beforehand

It is advisable to first consult your doctor before embarking on this detox diet. This is because if you have never fasted before, it could be challenging for you to stick to this liquid-only regimen. As a consequence, your body is likely to react by getting into starvation mode, thereby preventing further weight loss. Moreover, it is important to note that detox diets like this one should only be embarked on by persons in good health and who pursue a healthy lifestyle. This will enable you to avoid getting ill as a result of not being able to withstand the rigors of a detox. Remember that detox diets tend to place extra demands on the liver than normal.

Pitfalls of the Lemon Detox Diet

The Lemon Detox Diet does come with its drawbacks. For instance, because you are able to shed a lot of weight in a few days, this detox diet weight loss method is counter-productive in the long term. You are likely to gain more weight back when you resume your normal eating habits, because your metabolism will be slower due to the inevitable muscle loss your body goes through during the diet.

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  1. Vanessa Cudney

    I am going to be 50 this year, I just went off the birth control pill after being on it for years, I am using a pegistrone cream to try to get my hormones back in balance, I have been off the pill for 3 months & been on the cream for 3 months, I am gaining weight since I went off the pill, I dont know what to do, do you have any suggestions, I really dont know how to eat to make my body burn fat, I weigh 180 now & am 5’6, I would like to loose 40 to 50 lbs.
    I understand if your hormones are off balance you will gain weight untill you get them balanced.



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