Grapefruit Diet for Beginners

This article will tackle how a grapefruit diet for twelve days will help you lose three to four pounds or as much as twelve pounds in less than two weeks without having to starve yourself or stop yourself from eating your favorite food.

How the Grapefruit Diet Works

A grapefruit diet can take effect within 12 days of normal food consumption without staying off fatty foods. Gain a healthy body and lose pounds in less than 2 weeks by eating half a grapefruit with every meal. A grapefruit composes of enzymes that burn body fat and decreases the water in the body, which helps in weight loss. Taking grapefruit juice is also advisable and this diet can only be done within a strict 12 days, find out more about the grapefruit diet.

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The grapefruit diet has been done since the 1930’s by eating half a grapefruit along with every meal. This diet will help you lose weight by:

  • Burning fat in the body
  • Increasing body metabolism
  • Giving the body energy needed for daily routines ( has vitamin C)
  • Increases alkalinity in the body
  • Increasing Pectin in the body

The grapefruit diet can give a whole lot more than just weight loss. The body needs food to function, but people who are on a diet presume that the more food intake, the more pounds they gain, which is wrong. The body is built to burn food to use it as fuel and energy, when you eat; the body breaks down these foods for daily use. When the body’s metabolic rates lower, this is where the body has a hard time digesting fats and other non-soluble food. This is where grapefruit will help. It gives the body extra enzymes for digestion and gives vitamin C for energy—so people feel full and well fed even with eating the normal food consumption.

When to Start and Stop

The grapefruit diet will take effect in twelve days – that’s the time it takes for the body to regulate the metabolic rate. But if a person wants to continue with the diet after the twelve days, it is advisable to stop for a whole two days. Stopping for two days after the twelve day diet is necessary to give your kidneys time to clean and flush the protein that was gained from the twelve days. This diet is hard on the kidneys; that is why the two days are needed for the kidneys to recover.

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