Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does drinking water help you lose weight – is a common question amongst dieters. And the answer to this is yes. When the stomach is empty, hunger pangs will typically signal to you that you need to eat. In fact, when you drink water before having your meal, you are less likely to overindulge because your stomach has been tricked into thinking it is full. Read on to find out exactly how drinking water can help you shed those excess pounds.



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Drinking Water for Weight Loss

If you have been wondering does drinking water help you lose weight, this has been scientifically proven. By taking just a couple of glasses of water before every meal, you will be able to lose some weight. In fact, the benefit of drinking some water before meals has been confirmed by scientific studies. One study found that by drinking two 8 oz glasses of water before every meal, you will be able to experience significant weight loss. After a year of observation, study participants who drank 16 oz of water before every meal lost an average of 15.5 lbs., while the participants that didn’t drink water before their meals lost a mere 11 lbs.

To answer the question: does drinking water help you lose weight, you should note that when you drink water between your meals, you are also able to control hunger pangs. Therefore, when tempted to indulge in unhealthy snacking, opt for a glass of water instead. This water will work in keeping you hydrated, while enabling you to control your hunger until the time for your next meal arrives.

Water on the Go

A good way to stave off your hunger pangs is by always carrying a bottle of water with you while on the go. You may keep several bottles of commercially bottled water at your desk; in your car or somewhere else that you feel you may need to have control over your hunger. If you live in a region fraught with water issues, buy a water filtration bottle that comes with a special cap for filtering the water as you drink. If water is too boring for you, you may opt for another low-calorie beverage such as tea, hot water with lemon or diet soda.

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    These are truly impressive ideas in on the topic of blogging.

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  2. Agnes odumu

    It’s very true that water help to burn fat, I have tested it before and I’m talking from experience, but the bad thing I did was to stop and I became fat again but I’m going to start with it now, the truth is I never new water had something to do with it till I came to lean about it


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