Cayenne Pepper Diet Side Effects.

If you have been researching about the different types of diet plans, you probably have heard about the cayenne pepper diet.  This type of diet is not one of the most popular, and only a few have come across this one and tried it out.


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So what exactly is the cayenne pepper diet?


This type of diet is actually done simply by drinking cayenne pepper water at least once every day.  Though it may seem a little unnerving trying to gulp down a whole glass of water with spicy ingredients in it, it is actually quite good for the health.


Cayenne pepper has a number of health benefits which sound a bit exaggerated at first, but are nonetheless true.  The following are the best known benefits of cayenne pepper.


(1)   Cayenne pepper is scientifically proven to prevent the spread of prostate cancer cells.

(2)   It is also known to have beneficial effects to the heart.  To name a few, it can prevent the onset of heart attacks and can also nourish the heart with the vital nutrients known to be contained in cayenne pepper.

(3)   It is known to improve the circulation of the blood.

(4)   It is beneficial to the rebuilding of blood cells and removing harmful toxins from the bloodstream.

(5)   It can help in healing ulcers.

(6)   It is known to improve and equalize blood pressure.

(7)   Essential in the elimination of both fecal and urine build up in the body’s intestines.

(8)   It is scientifically proven to have anti-fungal properties.


Before proceeding to start your cayenne pepper diet, be sure that you know the proper instructions before doing so.  Also, one thing to take note of that going on this diet can produce some inevitable side effects like the following:


(1)   Cravings and Hunger

During the first few days of undergoing the diet, one big hindrance you will have to face is that you will feel hunger.  People who are undergoing this diet share that one of the best ways to conquer this is by mixing a small amount of maple syrup with lemonade.


(2)   Soreness and Skin Irritation

During any kind of detoxification, the body does not only try to get rid of harmful toxins from the bowels; what happens is that toxins from the skin would also be targeted.  One side effect of this activity would be feelings of soreness and irritation.

When on the cayenne pepper diet, the most common type of soreness would be on the mouth since the water contains a very spicy flavor.  Chances are that the mouth would get sore from the flavor and a person might even feel a little bit of dryness.

If the process goes out of hand, one should check in with their physicians for it might pose a bigger problem if you are unaware that you might be allergic to cayenne pepper.


(3)   Headaches

This is a common side effect for those who are heavy tea and coffee drinkers.  When going on the diet, what happens is that the body would be detoxified and caffeine is flushed out of the system.

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