Calcium Rich Foods and their Benefits for the Human Body

Pregnant or nursing women and infants need calcium rich foods to ensure the developing fetus/ child’s body receives enough of this vital nutrient.  Teenagers and adults – in particular senior citizens – do, however, also need sufficient calcium in their daily diet in order to maintain their body’s health. To discover the benefits of calcium and determine the best sources of this crucial element, read on…


The Benefits of Calcium rich Foods

Calcium is crucial in the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It assists in the development of a fetus during pregnancy; helps the growth of muscle tissue and is necessary for muscular contraction to function correctly. Blood coagulation requires Calcium to maintain steady, normal blood pressure. Electron systems, hormonal processes and enzyme metabolisms are equally dependent on sufficient Calcium supplies. Calcium rich foods also affect a person’s eyesight by influencing the process of retinal light transformation.


To keep all of these processes operating effectively and ensure healthy teeth, bones and muscles, children need a daily amount of approximately 270 to 800 mg of Calcium, while adults need between 1000 and 1300 mg. Some of the best calcium rich foods include dairy products, green leafy vegetables, selected fruits, fortified food items, protein sources, meat and seafood.


Dairy Products


Dairy products rank high in the list of calcium rich foods. 8 ounces of plain, 0 calorie yogurt offers 452 mg of calcium. Adding nuts, granola, chopped fruits or honey enhances taste. Alternatively, you can blend all of them together to prepare a delicious smoothie. Secondly, 8 ounces of milk obtained from cattle contains 300 mg of this mineral.


While whole milk is deficient in Calcium content, skimmed milk comprises of Calcium in abundance. Cheese is also rich in calcium, with 1.5 ounces of Romano cheese containing 453 mg, while 336 mg is offered by Swiss, Ricotta, Mozzarella, American and Real Cheddar respectively. You can use it for pastas, pizzas or add it to toast or salads.


Protein Sources

Soy milk is among commonly used calcium rich foods. 8 ounces of fortified soy milk contains 368 mg calcium. Tofu, Soya bean and cereals offer 236 – 1,043 mg calcium/serving. Whole grain contains 35 – 50 mg of calcium per serving.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Some examples of calcium rich foods found among green leafy vegetables include chicory (218 mg), collard (309 mg), dandelion (103 mg), turnips (105 mg) and mustard green (315 mg).


Sea Food


Fish, shellfish and caviar are examples of iodine and calcium rich foods. 3 ounces of sardine offer 325 mg of Calcium. You can prepare a mouth-watering dish by frying fish pieces in olive oil, mixing them in pasta sauce, sprinkling salt or pepper on them and using them as pizza toppings. The benefits of Calcium rich foods can be enhanced by adding Calcium enriched supplements to daily diets.

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